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Alta Plant Management works throughout the Bitterroot Valley and by special arrangement beyond. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a challenge. Let's talk.

Backpack Spraying
UTV Spraying
Non-chemical Treatment

Using backpack sprayers, we can precisely and selectively apply herbicide in roadless, hard to reach and forested areas by foot. 




Great for:

  • rough terrain

  • spot treatments

  • small infestations 


We use our Kawasaki Mule UTV equipped with a 75 gallon bommless spray unit - complete with 150ft hose line - to efficiently treat your large weed infestations.



Great for:

  • fields, pastures and rangeland 

  • road-side

  • large acreage 


 We can attack your weed populations using one or more of the non-chemical weed control methods available including hand-pulling, light duty mechanical and re vegetation.  


Great for:


  • close to home

  • sensitive areas

  • small infestations 

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