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About Us


Alta Plant Management is owned by Joel and Christine Lawson, two Bitterroot locals who love Western Montana as much as you do. We've been knocking back invasive plants in Montana and Idaho since 2013. In fact, our whole relationship began with a shared desire to help conserve and protect our local landscapes. We met while leading an invasive plant strike team for the Montana Conservation Corps and, since then, have both worked on multiple national forests, including the Bitterroot, Salmon-Challis, and Nez Perce-Clearwater, to combat invasive plant populations. 


We have made it our mission to help landowners better manage invasive plant problems on the lands that we all depend on for our livelihood and pleasure. 

Integrated Pest Management 

Years of experience has taught us that their is no "one size fits all" solution to treating invasive plants even when we are talking about different populations of the same plant species. Meeting the needs of different landowners requires a unique approach for each undesired plant population. That's why we use integrated pest management practices (IPM). IPM practices allow us to evaluate and potentially use multiple avaialable pest control techiniques including chemical, mechanical and cultural and biological means, to target undesirable weed populations while also reducing unintended harm to any desired plant populations and the envoronment in general.

This multifaceted approach will include evaluating your specific invasive plant problems and colaborating with you, the owner, to develop a weed management plan that best fits your situation, goals, budget and timeline. 

Personalized Approach

Every property in the valley is unique. Although you might be interested in removing some of the more common weed species in Western Montana, the process  to treat them can vary based on factors including season, aspect, elevation, land use and landowner preferences. 


Our multifaceted approach includes evaluating your specific invasive plant problems and collaborating with you to develop a weed management plan that best fits your situation, goals, budget and timeline. 

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